Mandy Flowers
Jazz Acoustic Bass



With impeccable time, a strong groove and a deep, beautiful sound, she creates smooth, supportive bass lines and expressive, melodic solos. With both reading and improvising skills, she has garnered experience in a wide range of performance types: small groups of all kinds, musicals, big band, free jazz, accompanying vocals and spoken word.

Available for local and touring performances; small group bandleader.


"Reflections" is a one-hour CD of jazz standards and original compositions featuring Alex Murzyn on sax and Noel Melanio on piano. This instrumental collection thoughtfully illuminates styles from bebop to free, to bossa nova and ballad.

Read the review from Jazz Improv Magazine, Vol. 3 No. 2.



Using an imaginative, personalized approach with individualized programs of study, Mandy assists students to gain the efficiency of good technique combined with attention to the big picture: the profound inquiry into true expression to find one’s own musical voice.

Private students from beginner to professional now being accepted. Long distance consultations also possible.





The spirit of everything we are comes out in each note that we play. The beauty is in the carefully finished details, clarity of ideas, sincerity of emotion and the deep, warm timbre of the bass.


Mandy is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston. She studied privately with Charlie Haden and Darek Oles for two years at Cal Arts, and bass grandmaster Ray Brown for seven years.

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